The company first started in 1957. It started as a local uniform and general leisure clothing supplier, in 2001 with younger generation taking over the running of company and it started working in main stream export industry. Since then year on year growth is almost double and we are well set to be market leaders in not so distant future.
     Naklahwear is now exporting number of products in four continents to internationally renowned customers. Our company provides products in bulk. We also have realised that lot of our customer require smaller quantities to win big contract. We have put systems in place to cater their small bespoke orders, which we provide to our customer in very short time, giving us edge over our competitors. Our key processes are as follows:-
  • Professional Advisory.
  • Usage of Advanced Electronic and IT Systems.
  • Highly Skilled, very experienced pattern and designing staff.
  • Unlike our competitors in manufacturing who have workers which are only paid piece work and not salary. We have salaried staff which means the staff never leaves ensuring the quality in production and gain a lot of experience with a number of incentives.

    • Free Transport Service
    • In house Catering
    • Health Benefits
    • Company Accomodation
  • We use reputable companies to handle our cargos either by sea or by air to make sure that products reach to our customers on time in fine packing quality.
  • The most important thing we are proud to implement in our system is to always provide backup service which is second to none.
Lastly we would to say that the only way you can test our expertise and services is by providing us with a test order.
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